Summer 2007 - Secretary's file

1st July

Summer 2007 Newsletter : Secretary's file

There are mixed fortunes to report in relation to membership numbers since the last (Spring) Newsletter. As is often the case at this time of year a  number of our members have failed to renew their membership, many having left the industry, or for other reasons. Happily I am able to report that others have joined us and that, although the net effect is a continued downward trend, there are still encouraging signs in evidence.

The following new members have recently joined the Branch and we warmly welcome them:

Dr Mohammad Jalal - University of Jordan.
Mr Mark Malpass (Stu) – University of Wales, Bangor.
Dr Behzad Mansoori – University of Tehran.
Miss Helen Masey-O’Neill (Stu) – University of Nottingham.
Dr Peter Plumstead – Danisco Animal Nutrition.
Dr David Pritchard – Defra.
Mr Shakeel Sarwar (Stu) – SAC Auchincruive.
Mr Lindsay Wilkins – University of Bristol.
Dr Peter Williams – DSM Nutritional Products (Basel).

While the following have regrettably failed to renew their membership:

Dr Ali Al-Saffar – Kuwait
Mrs Hana Alzarug (Stu) – University of Wales.
Mr Sam Arkle (Stu) - University of Newcastle.
Mr David Atherton – Thomson and Joseph Ltd.
Mr Michael Atherton – TSS Technical Services and Supplies, York.
Mr Andrew Bufton – Merial Animal Health.
Mr Peter Dilworth – BOCM Pauls Ltd.
Mr Lorenzo Duran-Melendez (Stu) University of Nottingham.
Mrs Sue Gordon – ADAS Gleadthorpe.
Mrs Joy Iheobi (Stu) – University of Aberdeen.
Dr Alison Kelly – Kingston University.
Miss Michelle Lewis – Danisco Animal Nutrition.
Mr David Martin – Cherry Valley Farms Ltd.
Mr Alan Measures – Peterborough.
Mr Israel Pelumi – Adonai Livestock Center, Nigeria.
Ms Judy Ryan (Stu) – Ex Harper Adams University College.

Once again may I ask members to continue to look out for potential new recruits for WPSA UK Branch membership. We need to maintain the strength and credibility of the Branch in order to be seen as suitably professional hosts for future major WPSA international events and as spokespersons for UK poultry science. Full details about the Branch and its activities with downloadable application forms and banker’s order forms are all available on the Branch website

New UK Branch Website
WPSA UK Branch webmaster Liz Archibald has recently spent much time modernising our website. This is now live and you will now find it a lot easier and quicker to navigate. Why not take a new look at Thanks again Liz.

XIII World’s Poultry Congress, 29 June – 4 July 2008, Brisbane, Australia
Every fourth year sees a World’s Poultry Congress, the highlight of the WPSA calendar. You will shortly be receiving the final announcement for the 2008 event and we hope that as many members as possible will go to Brisbane to take part or to listen to the wide variety of high quality papers on offer. Full details are available on

Youth Program and UK Branch Awards    
The particular attention of students is drawn to the Youth Program which offers registration, accommodation and a four-day post-Congress tour to undergraduate and post graduate students on acceptance of the successful  submission of an abstract for presentation at a special session at the Congress. However, this does not include travel to and from Australia. Therefore the WPSA UK Branch has decided, once again, to offer two special travel awards of up to £500 each to help towards the travel costs of two of our UK Branch student members who are accepted onto the Youth Program at Brisbane. Once your application onto the Youth Program has been accepted please apply by letter to the UK Branch Secretary with a copy of your accepted abstract, evidence of your acceptance and details of the unsupported travel costs that you expect to incur.

Submission of Abstracts
Don’t forget that the closing date for the submission of abstracts to be considered for oral and/or poster presentation at the 2008 World’s Poultry Congress is 7 September (see

Animal Health
From 1 April the State Veterinary Service (SVS), an agency of Defra, will change its name to Animal Health. The move brings together under a single agency all the expertise previously offered by SVS, Dairy Hygiene Inspectorate, Egg Marketing Inspectorate and the Wildlife Licensing and Registration Service.
Further information on Animal Health is available on

New publications
Details of the following new book have been sent to us:
Bioactive Egg Compounds edited by Rainer Huopalahti (University of Turku, Finland), Rosina López-Fandi┼ło (Instituto de Fermentaciones Industriales, Madrid, Spain), Marc Anton (National Institut of Agronomic Research, Nantes, France) and Rüdiger Schade (Charité-Universitatsmedizin Berlin, Germany).
The book is the result of the European COST (European Cooperation in the Field of Scientific and Technical Research) Action 923 on Multidisciplinary Hen Egg Research.
Approx 300 pages, 31 illus. hardcover.
Published by Springer, Distribution Center GmbH, Haberstr.7, 69126 Heidelberg, Germany, email:, price £96.00. ISBN-13: 978-3-540-37883-9

Your WPSA Membership Number
With this Newsletter you will find a letter giving you your WPSA World Membership Number. You will need this in order to register for your electronic WPS Journal and WPSA World email Newsletter. Don’t lose it!

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