Summer 2007 - Report from 2007 AGM

1st July

Summer 2007 Newsletter : Report from 2007 AGM

The 41st Annual General Meeting of the UK Branch of WPSA was held at The Royal Clifton Hotel, Southport, during the Branch Annual Meeting. Minutes will be sent to all members with the papers for the 2008 AGM next Spring. Elections took place to fill two Council vacancies and for the important post of Branch Treasurer. These resulted in Dr Joanne Gatcliffe (British United Turkeys) and Dr Ceinwen Gilbert (Danisco Animal Nutrition) joining Council for the first time and Dr Kelvin McCracken being re-elected to serve for a further term of four years as Branch Treasurer. Congratulations to all of these.

Dr Paul Rose retires from Council
Sadly Council will now lose Paul Rose who has been Chairman of the Programme Committee for the past nine years and largely responsible for the organisation of nine highly successful Branch Annual Meetings. Paul has decided to have a well earned rest from this office and that it is time for others to take over the workload. He has done a tremendous job for the Branch over this time and, at the previous evening’s Annual Dinner, the President thanked him on behalf of all Branch members and presented him with a gift as a small token of our thanks. This gift was a hockey stick to help him to enjoy his increased leisure time next season. Dr Acamovic pointed out that it would now take four people to replace the work that he did for the Programme Committee!

Drs Tom Acamovic and Paul Rose
President  Dr Tom Acamovic presents Dr Paul Rose
with a gift to mark his retirement as Chairman of the Programme Committee.

Future Events
he President reported that the UK Branch is planning to host a busy schedule of international events over the next few years:
The 29th Poultry Science Symposium “Biology of Breeding Poultry” is to be held at Surgeons Hall, Edinburgh from 23rd – 25th July 2007 and is being organised by a group under the Chairmanship of Dr Paul Hocking (there is still time to register).
The 16th European Symposium on Poultry Nutrition to be held in Edinburgh from 23rd – 27th August 2009 (full details later).
The UK Branch intends to bid to host the XXIV World’s Poultry Congress, probably in Glasgow, in 2016 in competition against France and China and will make a presentation in Brisbane in 2008.

New Programme Committee
The Programme Committee, which does all organisation for the Branch Annual Meeting, has now been reformed with four of its six members each taking responsibility for one part of the organization:
Chairman:     Mr Patrick Garland
Original Communications and Publication:     Dr Aaron Cowieson
Financial:      Dr Kelvin McCracken
Invited Speakers:      Dr Ian Dunn

These members will be joined on the Programme Committee by the President and Dr Nick Sparks.

So the Annual Meeting which, along with BSAS, will return to Scarborough in 2008, will see some changes. Members are now asked to ensure that they direct their communications to the correct  committee member.

WPSA UK Branch
2008 Annual Meeting

The Spa Complex, Scarborough
Tuesday 1st – Wednesday 2nd April 2008

General enquiries:

WPSA - UK Branch Administration 2007/2008


Dr T Acamovic (2010*)

Vice President

Mr P W Garland (2010)

Treasurer/Asst Secretary

Dr K J McCracken (2011*)

Secretary/Asst Treasurer & Membership Secretary

Mr J A Parsons (2008*)

Elected Councillors

Mr J A Ball (2009*)

Mr M Kenny (2008*)

Prof P Surai (2008)

Dr J S Bentley (2010*)
Dr L J Gatcliffe (2011)
Dr C E Gilbert (2011)

Mr S A Lister (2009)
Dr C Preston (2008)
Dr V Sandilands (2009)

Dr W G Wakeman (2008)
Prof C M Wathes (2008*)

* Ineligible for re-election.
Also Council Members
Dr P M Hocking (2007). Chairman of Symposium Committee
Prof C C Whitehead (2008). WPSA Vice President (Co-opted to Council)

ProgrammeCommittee: Mr P W Garland (Chair), Dr T Acamovic, Dr A Cowieson, Dr I C Dunn, Dr K J McCracken, Dr N Sparks.

Symposium Committee: Dr P M Hocking (Chair, 2007) and Committee of Members

Representative on Egg and Poultry Industry Conference Committee: Mr S A Lister

Representative on Robert Fraser Gordon Memorial Trust: Dr P M Hocking (2011)

(Webmaster: Liz Archibald)
2007 Prizewinners
The two recipients of the 2007 WPSA UK Branch Summer Vacation Awards have been announced. They are:

Emma Dicker of the University of Lincoln, whose project will be The effect of egg size on growth of extra-embryonic membranes.
Rhonda-Lynn Graham of SAC Auchincruive whose project will be Comparison of drinking delivery systems for laying ducks and their effects on welfare and litter quality.
They will each receive £1000 to help them to undertake their projects during the 2007 Summer Vacation and we hope to hear their results at the 2008 Annual Meeting.

The winner of the President’s Prize  for the  best  paper  to  be presented at the 2007
Annual Meeting was Daina Domahidi of the University of Glasgow who gave an excellent paper Antimicrobial genes from egg white can be highly variable.

Daina Domahidi

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