Summer 2006 - UK Branch Annual General Meeting

1st July

Summer 2006 Newsletter : UK Branch Annual General Meeting

The Branch 40th AGM was held on 29th March during the Annual Meeting at the University of York. Copies of the Minutes will be sent to all members together with the Agenda for next year’s AGM. Reports and Accounts for 2005 have already been sent to all members.
On completion of their four year terms of office both Branch President Dr Paul Hocking and Immediate Past President Prof Sally Solomon retired from office. Members expressed their warm appreciation to both of these for their work on behalf of the Branch.

New Team at the Top

The AGM saw the election of a new President and a new Vice President to serve the Branch for the next four years.
The Branch President for 2006 –2010 is Dr Tom Acamovic. Tom is well known to members as a Senior Scientist and Nutritionist at The Scottish Agricultural College based at the Auchincruive Campus in Ayr. He joined the UK Branch of WPSA in 1990 and was elected to Council in 2002. We extend a warm welcome to Tom and look forward to continuing to work with him over the next four years.

Dr Tom Acamovic
New Branch President Dr Tom Acamovic

Also joining the team as our new Vice President for 2006 – 2010 is Mr Patrick Garland. Another familiar face at WPSA events, Patrick was first co-opted to Council in 1993 and then served for a full two terms until 2002. He was for many years head of product development- poultry for BOCM Pauls and is currently national sales manager for Alpharma Animal Health.

In Council elections, the results of which were announced at the AGM, Dr James Bentley was also re-elected unopposed to serve for a further four years, until 2010.

The post of Branch Webmaster has been vacant since Richard Hunter, who designed the Branch website and acted as our first webmaster, moved away from Roslin Institute and the poultry industry last year.  Members expressed their sincere thanks to him for his work on our behalf and Council announced that it had appointed Liz Archibald of Roslin Institute to take on this important role.

The award of Honorary Life Membership to Dr Paul Hocking

Retiring Branch President Paul Hocking has held the following WPSA UK Branch Offices, all of which he carried out with a great deal of enthusiasm and diligence:
Secretary, March 1996 - March 2000
Treasurer, March 2000 - October 2002
President, April 2002 - March 2006.
That is 10 years of unbroken service - and still he is taking on the organisation of the 29th Poultry Science Symposium to be held next year.
In  recognition  of  this   very    significant contribution Dr Graham Perry, speaking on behalf of Branch Council, invited Paul to accept Honorary Life Membership of the Branch. This is a very special award that is rarely given - in recent times only to Prof Peter Biggs, to Dr Derek Shrimpton and to Mr Chris Hann. He was warmly thanked by the officers   and  members  present  for   his sterling service to the Branch and expressed his surprise and delight on the award saying “ I was taken totally aback by the award of Honorary Life membership at the AGM. I am very grateful for this generous and tangible vote of thanks but I do believe that it was totally unjustified! Thank you: it is a great honour and one that I greatly appreciate”.



Dr T Acamovic (2010*)

Vice President

Mr P W Garland (2010)

Treasurer/Asst Secretary

Dr K J McCracken (2007)

Secretary/Asst Treasurer & Membership  Secretary


Mr J A Parsons (2008*)

Elected Councillors

Mr J A Ball (2009*)

Mr S A Lister (2009)

Prof P Surai (2008)

Dr J S Bentley (2010*)

Dr C Preston (2008)

Dr W G Wakeman (2008)

Mr M Kenny (2008*)

Dr V Sandilands (2009)

Prof C M Wathes (2008*)

* Ineligible for re-election
Also Council Members

Dr P M Hocking (2007). Chairman of Symposium Committee
Dr S P Rose (2007). Chairman of Programme Committee
Prof C C Whitehead (2008). WPSA Vice President (Co-opted to Council)

Programme Committee: Dr S P Rose (Chair, 2007), Dr I Dunn (2008), Dr T Acamovic (2010), Dr N Sparks (2009)

Symposium Committee: Dr P M Hocking (Chair, 2007) and committee of members

Representative on Egg and Poultry Industry Conference Committee: Mr J A Parsons

Representative on Robert Fraser Gordon Memorial Trust: Prof C C Whitehead (2007)

Webmaster: Liz Archibald

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