Summer 2006 - Secretary's File

1st July

Summer 2006 Newsletter : Secretary's File


As is often the case at this time of year we have to report a long list of members who have decided not to renew their WPSA membership, often because they have retired or are leaving the poultry field or, in the case of students, because they have moved on into other fields or have returned to their native countries. This year the list is longer than usual for the reasons mentioned on page 1 of this Newsletter and is the main reason behind the current “Recruit a new member today” initiative (see page 1 and inserts). Again we urge all members to help us to maintain Branch membership numbers by recruiting a colleague who is working in an area of poultry science.

However it is also a pleasure to offer a warm welcome to the following new members, who have recently joined the Branch:

(NB – ‘S’ denotes student member)
Dr Ramone Alvarez – Roslin Institute.
Dr Helena Bento – Danisco Animal Nutrition.
Mrs Kim Bernard – Roslin Institute.
Dr Alison Kelly – Kingston University.
Ms Judy Ryan (S) – Harper Adams University College.

Regrettably the following members have resigned from WPSA:

Dr Paul Beardsworth (ex DSM)
Miss Ros Mayne (ex Roslin Institute)
Mr Justin Potter (W Potter and Sons Poultry Ltd)
Dr Dale Sandercock (ex Roslin Institute)
Mr Shan Sithambaram (ex SAC)
Mr Mike Steinbock (ex Forum Bioscience)
Mr Andrew Walker (ADAS)
Dr Lin Wylie (ex Anitox)

And the following have failed to renew their subscriptions:

Tom Barron ISA (Affiliate)
National Farmers Union (Affiliate)
Mr Alireza Abdolmohammadi (University of Tehran)
Dr Chris Belyavin (Belyavin Technical)
Prof Rob Beynon (University of Liverpool)
Mr Eric Chambers (Drygrass Ltd)
Miss Avril Edmond (ex Glasgow University)
Dr Adil Hafeez (Kausar Feed Mills)
Mr Tarjong Kenneth (University of Nigeria)
Dr Vicky Maltby (Bernard Matthews Ltd)
Dr George Mann (University of Nottingham)
Miss Maeve Moran (ex HAUC)
Mr Salim Msellem (Farmers Centre Ltd)
Mr Noe Muki (University of Aberdeen)
Mr Rhodes Ndloui (University of Aberdeen)
Mrs Rosita Neilan (DAF Eire)
Mr Azinue Ngufor ((University of Aberdeen)
Miss Olivia Potter (W Potter and Sons Poultry Ltd)
Mr Mark Ranson (Marks and Spencer)
Mr Martin Shea (BUT)
Mr Magnus Swalander (Aviagen)
Dr Pollyanna Taylor (Myerscough College)
Dr Lucy Tucker (Alltech)
OBE for Arnold Elson

We are delighted to be able to congratulate Arnold Elson on the award of the OBE in the 2006 New Year’s Honours List. Arnold joined NAAS, the predecessor of ADAS, in 1963 and has worked in many capacities in that organisation, culminating in Principal Poultry Research Scientist, Animal Health and Welfare. Much of his work has centred around poultry systems, particularly the laying cage and he was responsible for the development of the Getaway cage at ADAS Gleadthorpe. Arnold has been a WPSA member for much of his career and is currently Chairman of WPSA Working Group 9 (Poultry Welfare).

John Cook
- lifelong promoter of eggs and poultry.

John Cook, who died recently aged 81, spent his long working life promoting the modern poultry industry and its products. A long time member of WPSA and a Council member up to 1998 initially he lectured students at Harper Adams Agricultural College before being snapped up by national feed compounders Spillers as chief poultry adviser. Here he proved a popular speaker at spreading the word of the potential and techniques of the industry that blossomed from back yard poultry keeping after feed was de-rationed in 1953.
While at Spillers he was involved in every aspect of the industry from production to marketing. Takeovers and consolidation in the feed industry saw John take his talents overseas, notably in the Middle East and his knowledge and ability to get along with anyone almost instantly made him very popular as a consultant. 
No sooner had he decided to spend a bit more time at home, aged 60, with his wife Mary, than he was persuaded to take over as Technical Editor of Poultry World and the international journal World Poultry, which he undertook for a further five years.
Always full of ideas, with an enquiring mind and a great sense of humour, he was a natural as an adviser and as a journalist. He will be remembered by his many friends worldwide for his lively personality and his readiness to help them without any thought of reward.
His cremation last month was at Shrewsbury, back in the county of Shropshire where he and his wife Mary were born and married 59 years ago. The snow did not deter a huge turnout of relations and friends who included some from school and the RAF as well as the poultry industry. He leaves sons Nigel and Nicholas and two grandchildren.
(with thanks to John Farrant)

29th Poultry Science Symposium

Our popular and valuable series of Symposia continues with the arrangements already in hand for the 29th on The Biology of Breeding Poultry. This will take place in the fascinating surroundings of Surgeons Hall in Nicholson Street, Edinburgh on 23rd to 25th July 2007. Further details from Dr Paul Hocking at Roslin Institute (
Make a note of the date now!

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