Summer 2006 - Recruit a new member today

1st July

Summer 2006 Newsletter : Recruit a new member today

Over several years the pool of potential WPSA members in the UK has been steadily declining. The cutbacks in government spending on scientific research and the closures of once large institutes has dramatically reduced the number of scientists working in all areas of science including animals and poultry. While the poultry industry faces severe competition from areas of the world where production costs are low, belts have been severely tightened and staff numbers working at the higher scientific levels have been reduced. This has, of course, had a knock-on effect in the education sector where the poultry industry is not now seen by students as an area of potential secure future employment.

The WPSA UK Branch has, in fact, done well against this background and membership numbers have been fairly steady at around 300 or so for many years. However we have this year experienced a sharp decline in numbers and, in spite of a trickle of new members, the effect of those failing to renew their Branch membership this year has left us with only 278 members at this time.

This situation cannot be allowed to continue if we are to maintain a strong Branch within the worldwide WPSA framework and to keep up our membership income. It is now up to every member to look around them and to seek out those colleagues who really should be members but who have never quite got round to joining. There must be very many of these out there!
In this Newsletter you will find a Membership Application Form and a Bankers Order Form – please use them to help your Branch remain strong.

Why not recruit a new member today?

       John Parsons, Newsletter Editor and Branch Secretary

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