Spring 2007 - Secretary's file

1st April

Spring 2007 Newsletter : Secretary's file


Once again I have to report that the number of new members joining the Branch since the last Newsletter is exceeded by the number of resignations and retirements. The continuing decline in poultry research and education and in the number of companies actively involved in poultry production and allied trades means that it is exceedingly difficult to recruit new members. These are the life blood of the Branch and, once again I plead with all members to be on the look-out for potential recruits and not to miss an opportunity to sell the benefits of WPSA membership to anyone you may meet in your day-to-day work.

Happily the following new members have recently joined the Branch:

Mr Richard Bailey (Student) – Institute of Food Research.
Miss Louise Buckley (Student) – University of Edinburgh
Miss Vanessa Butler (Student) – University of Newcastle.
Miss Jennifer Howie (Student) -  University of Edinburgh
Mr Joseph Magadi (Individual) – Hi-Peak Feeds Ltd.
Mr Shepherd Mupudzi (Student) – SAC

Regrettably the following members have now left the Branch and we wish them well for the future:

Grampian Country Chickens (Rearing) Ltd – Affiliate.
Mr John Hine – Trouw (UK) Ltd
Mr Richard Hunter – Roslin Institute
Mr John Laws –Imperial College (Wye Campus)
Miss Jean Lywood – Dolphine Ventilation.
Mrs Shirley Murdoch –Turkeys Magazine and Technical Turkeys Conference.
Dr Kristin Sorensen – British United Turkeys.
Dr Andreas Kocher – Alltech (transferred to Australia Branch)

Dr Helen Raine – ABNA Ltd.

WPSA Scholarship Awards

During the XXIIIrd World’s Poultry Congress in Brisbane, Australia in June/July 2008, three Scholarship Awards will be presented. These were established to mark the success of the 1992 World’s Poultry Congress in Amsterdam by the Netherlands Branch of the World’s Poultry Science Association and are worth 11,000 Euros. Awards are normally made in each of three categories representing the WPSA’s three main areas of activity: Research, Education and Industry/Organisation.
Full details of these appear on the WPSA website: www.wpsa.com/programmes/scholarship_awards_2008.htm together with the criteria and the procedure for nominations. It would be good to make nominations from the UK, where there are many individuals and groups worthy of nomination.Please note the closing date of 31st December 2007.

Proceedings of the 28th Poultry Science Symposium

The proceedings of the Symposium “Avian Gut Function in Health and Disease” held in Bristol last September have now been published as Volume 28 in the Poultry Science Symposium Series.   This is a 417 page hardback book of immense value to all those studying or working in the areas of avian physiology, nutrition, immunology, pathology or in related practical fields.
Copies have already been sent to all those who attended or participated in the Symposium and it is now available to purchase. 
Edited by Dr Graham Perry, it is published by CABI Publishing, ISBN 978-1-84593-180-3, and is available from them price £70 (10% discount on line) at: www.cabi-publishing.org

Genesis Faraday / WPSA Summer Vacation Award

Enclosed with this Newsletter are details of a newly announced Summer Vacation Award which aims to encourage undergraduates into research in the field of farm animal genetics and genomics. This Award has been generously funded by Genesis Faraday to whom we are most grateful. The Genesis Faraday Partnership is a ‘not for profit company’ established in November 2002 and based at Roslin BioCentre. Its remit is to work to improve the co-ordination of the use of genetic and genomic technologies by the livestock breeding and animal health industries. Its core funding comes from The Scottish Executive, DEFRA, DTI and East of Scotland European Partnership and BBSRC has provided £1 in research funds for Studentships and Core Research. More information is available on its website www.genesis-faraday.orgThe Award may be applied for by members of the Genesis Faraday Partnership which includes many commercial companies as well as most Research Institutes and Universities.   Please note that the closing date for applications is Friday 16 March.

Can you put something back?
Next year’s 2008 Annual General Meeting of the UK Branch will see the end of my eight year term of office as Branch Secretary and I become ineligible for re-election.. In order to ensure a smooth change-over it will be necessary to have a plan for a succession in place some time before that. Like all Councillors and Officers, any nominee will need to be elected to office under the rules of the Branch Constitution. However, the wisdom of forward planning must now be recognised. The job of Secretary is rewarding and, at times, challenging. It requires someone with knowledge of some perspective  of  the poultry  industry, be  it research, education, extension or commerce. Someone who is reasonably computer literate and who has the time to meet the needs of the job. Ideally this would suit someone who is retiring or early-retiring but who feels that he/she does not yet wish to sever all ties with the wider poultry industry. Alternatively someone whose employment does not completely take over their life!
If you are interested in finding out more, or if you think you know the ideal candidate to be Branch Secretary, please contact:
Branch President Tom Acamovic or Branch Secretary (wpsa@hotmail.co.uk)

X11 European Poultry Conference

The Organizing Committee of last September’s Verona Conference has produced its final report on a very successful meeting.
1079 scientists from all over the world attended this event where 750 scientific studies were put forward for discussion. The conference aimed at better and safer food, for a higher concern for consumers’ health and animal welfare and for particular attention to be paid to the monitoring of diseases and the traceability of animal products. We congratulate the Italian Branch of WPSA on the success of the Conference.

In our last Newsletter we reported on the results of the elections to the Council of the WPSA Federation of European Branches. In addition we would like to congratulate Dr Piet Simons, WPSA World Secretary, on the award of the MacDougall Medal for his huge contribution to the work of the Association over the past 20 years.
Please note:
The X11 European Poultry Conference
will be held in Tour, France,
23 – 27 August 2010

2007 UFAW and HAS Scholarships

Once again we were notified of 2 Scholarships too late for inclusion in our Autumn Newsletter. Therefore please note that the application deadline for these, 28 February, is now very close:
UFAW Undergraduate Vacation Scholarship 2007
4 – 8 weeks over the Summer Vacation, worth up to £1120 and with a clear relevance to improving the welfare of farm, laboratory, companion, wild or zoo animals. Details and application form from The Scietific Officer, UFAW, tel 01582 831 818, or see www.ufaw.org.uk.
The HSA Dorothy Sidley Memorial Award 2007
Up to £2000 is available to fund a project of your choice to improve the welfare of food animals in markets, during transport or at slaughter, anywhere in the world.
Details and Application Form from: The Secretary, HSA, tel: 01582 831919, email info@hsa.org.uk or see www.hsa.org.uk.

Don’t miss these opportunities and please remember the closing date - 28 February.


Sadly this month we have to report the deaths of two poultry industry personalities who were both, at one time, members of the WPSA UK Branch:

Janet Robson (Collis) née Wallace, was a well known ADAS Poultry Adviser in North Yorkshire until she retired in the late 1980s and who passed away on 4 January 2007 after a short illness A student at Harper Adams Agricultural College (HAAC) from where she obtained the National Diploma in Poultry Husbandry in 1954 she went to work for the forerunner of ADAS, the National Agricultural Advisory Service (NAAS) in Gloucestershire, Staffordshire and Lincolnshire before ending up in North Yorkshire.  Always able to put people instantly at ease and very enthusiastic about the poultry industry, she will be sadly missed.  A widow, she is survived by a stepson and 3 younger sisters one of whom, Isobel Gristwood, followed her to HAAC and into the poultry industry.Jim Holton died peacefully at his home in Lincolnshire on 7 January at the age of 78 after a long battle against ill health. Jim will be well remembered as the NFU National Broiler Specialist, in which job he made many friends and gave an immense amount of help to the UK chicken meat industry. Jim joined the NFU in the 70’s before moving to Spalding to take over the poultry remit. He undertook the NFU broiler costings service and edited the Quarterly Broiler and Breeder Bulletins. He also represented the NFU at many Brussels meetings and he helped to establish broiler grower groups in both the north and the south of England. Jim’s funeral on 17th January was attended by many members of the poultry industry. He leaves a wife, Jean, five children and 10 grandchildren, to all of whom we offer our deepest sympathy.

29th Poultry Science SymposiumBiology of Breeding Poultry
23 – 25 July 2007,
Surgeons Hall, Edinburgh.

Tel: Dr Paul Hocking 0131 527 4251,
Fax: 0131 440 0434 or
email: paul.hocking@bbsrc.ac.uk

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