Spring 2007 - New WPSA UK Branch Travel Awards

1st April

Spring 2007 Newsletter : New WPSA UK Branch Travel Awards

Councillors of the UK Branch of WPSA have decided to offer financial help to our UK based student members to support them in attending national or international meetings, conferences, short training courses etc, commencing in 2007.

Discretionary payments will be made from a new fund not exceeding £2000 per year in total and there is no maximum or minimum amount for any individual award and no deadline for applications, which may be made throughout the year as opportunities arise.

Applications may be made on the form overleaf, by letter to the Branch Secretary or by email and must include all the information asked for. To be considered applicants must be paid-up members of the WPSA UK Branch and be bona fide students, including part time and PhD students, who are registered at a UK based institute. Applications will be considered on their merits and the Branch reserves the right to refuse unsuitable applications, to offer awards for only part of any proposal or to ask for the return of unused monies. Where applicants wish to attend a conference, then those presenting a paper or poster will be particularly welcome. When the total in the fund is used up no more awards will be made unless and until the fund is re-opened in the following financial year.

No financial commitments for travel or attendance fees should be entered into until applicants have been informed of the success of their application and the amount of their award.

If you wish to discuss any proposal please contact the WPSA UK Branch Secretary:

Email: wpsa@hotmail.co.uk

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