Spring 2006 - Welfare Working Group Report

1st April

Spring 2006 Newsletter : Welfare Working Group Report

Working Group 9 (Poultry Welfare and Management) of the WPSA Federation of European Branches

This group was originally conceived during the European Poultry Conference (EPC) in London in 1972 and was formed in 1973. Over the years it has grown in size, expertise and influence and has organised seven European Poultry Welfare Symposia. These are held every 4th year during the year preceding EPC. Proceedings of most of them are still available – see WG9 web page at www.wpsa.com. The 7th was held in Lublin, Poland in June last year – see WPSJ 61(4) 695-707.
The group now consists of 28 members plus three observers from 16 country branches in the European Federation (see map below). Three of these members (Arnold Elson, Mohan Raj and Heleen van de Weerd) including the chairperson, are from the UK.

world map

In January 2006 20 members from 13 countries met at ADAS Gleadthorpe Poultry Research Centre for their annual meeting. This meeting followed an informative visit to a nearby Deans site to see various models of state of the art large colony furnished laying cages. One main topic, on a long agenda, was the arrangements for, and organisation of the 8th European Poultry Welfare Symposium. It was agreed that this will be held in Cervia, Italy during May 2009. More details will be provided in due course.
Meanwhile a poultry welfare session and a poultry genetics/welfare workshop will be held at the XII EPC at Verona, Italy 10-14 September 2006.
Arnold Elson - Chairperson.

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