Spring 2006 - Secretary's file

1st April

Spring 2006 Newsletter : Secretary's file

Regrettably we have to report the deaths of two long-standing members of the Branch, both of whom were very well known to many members:

Tom Whittle
We regret to report the death of Tom Whittle on 4 December 2005 at the age of 91.
Regarded by many as “the father of the Scottish Poultry Industry”, he was for very many years Head of the Poultry School at the Scottish Agricultural College, Auchincruive, and was author of the book “The Triumph of Science” which was published by Poultry World in1998. He contributed hugely not only to the development of Auchincruive and of the poultry industry in Scotland but also to the UK Branch of WPSA over a long period of time, being Secretary/Treasurer from 1981 to 1992 and remaining as Treasurer/ Assistant Secretary, when these jobs were split, until 1994.
We offer our sincere condolences to his family and many friends.
Geoff Fairhurst
By Peter Hunton, Past President, WPSA
Geoff Fairhurst, a well known figure in the international poultry industry, has died.  He fought a losing battle with lung cancer and died in hospital in early January.
Geoff graduated from the University of Wales and took a M.Sc. in Poultry Science at Wye College, University of London. Alan Sykes and Peter Hunton were his mentors.  Geoff studied course work for a year, and then conducted a research project involving coccidiosis.  On graduating, he worked in technical sales for Thornbers, at that time the largest layer hatchery in the UK.  He married Christine and acquired three of her children from a previous marriage. They had a son, Mark. After several years, and during a period when Thornbers came under severe competition from imported breeds, Geoff left to work with a layer complex in Sweden.  He eventually took on full management responsibility for the entire operation.
In 1977, he returned to the UK and joined Shaver Great Britain as a technical advisor.  After several years in this position, Geoff left to work for a Shaver customer in Yemen.  Here, he supervised the construction and establishment of a complete layer complex, involving everything from raising pullets, managing layers, selling eggs, and supervising the construction and operation of a feed mill for the farm.  Unfortunately, after the main part of the work was complete, Geoff suffered a recurrence of a back problem that had plagued him for many years, and had to be brought back to Europe for surgery and convalescence.  Following this, he joined ISA, the company that by this time, had purchased Shaver.
Geoff again worked internationally, but in the late 1980’s was sent to Canada to undertake a review of the Shaver operation and to bring it into conformity with ISA methods and practices.  This involved significant down-sizing and consequent   reorganization. During this period, Geoff’s wife, Christine, died suddenly after a trip to Canada. Geoff eventually returned to France and continued to work with ISA, concentrating on international service for their layer customers.
During this phase of his career, he became interested in comparative costings.  Customers asked how their economic performance compared with those in other countries. So Geoff began to collect data from contacts in various countries where ISA did business.  He eventually received data from 50 countries, representing 90% of the world’s egg industry.
From these data, Geoff calculated a whole range of parameters, including one he called “international competitiveness.”

Geoff spent an entire career in the service of the Poultry Industry. He was knowledgeable and was accepted by egg producers wherever he travelled.  He was a true asset to our industry. He is survived by his second wife, Marcela, to whom we offer our condolences and best wishes.

UK Branch membership is fairly steady at 312, only marginally down on last year. During 2005, we lost a total of 36 members, a high proportion of whom failed to renew their old Bankers Orders, but we were fortunate also to gain 34 new members.
We offer a warm welcome to the following new members who have joined the Branch since our Autumn Newsletter. We hope that they find membership useful and rewarding:

Mr Ewan Cameron, SAC.
Dr Ross Cooper, University of Central England.
Dr Michael Hutchinson, Queens University Belfast.
Dr Muhammed Maliki, SAC.

And we regret to announce the resignation of the following members:

Mr Howard Birley, Intervet UK
Ms Lorna Craig (transferred to New Zealand Branch).
Mr E Dodd, Tattenhall, Chester. (Life Member)
Mr George Humphrey, Humphrey Farms Ltd.
Mr David Lanning, Lloyd Maunder Ltd.
Dr Jim McNab, Roslin Nutrition.
Mr John Powell, Cherry Valley Farms.

In order to recover some of the extra costs involved in annual subscription collection, Council decided at its last meeting to increase membership subscriptions for those Individual Members who pay on annual invoice by £5 to £25 per year and for Affiliates and Patrons by £10 to £50. As the subscription rate for the World’s Poultry Science Journal alone is  £70 for individuals and £130 for institutions, we believe that this still offers excellent value for money.
However, those who agree to pay by Banker’s Order will continue to be charged at the old rates of £20 and £40 respectively.


Long standing UK Branch member Dr Mike Appleby has returned from the USA where worked for The Humane Society of the United States in Washington, to take up the post of Trade Policy Manager for the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA), based in London.
He points out that, being a white, Anglo-Saxon Protestant, this now makes him a WASP from WSPA in WPSA!
Mike can now be contacted on 0207 840 6243 or email: michaelappleby@wspa.org.uk.

Avian Influenza

Members are reminded that they can keep up to date with developments on AI around the world at either:
the WPSA World website www.wpsa.com and following the link on the homepage or,
the DEFRA website www.defra.gov.uk and, again following the link on the homepage.
Both of these contain valuable information and are well worth keeping an eye on.
David Mount of DEFRA will give an update on Avian Influenza at the UK Branch Annual Meeting at the University of York……1105am on Wednesday 29 March in Room L001.

Vacation Scholarships
We were notified of 2 Undergraduate Vacation Scholarships too late for inclusion in our Autumn Newsletter. Therefore please note that the application deadline for these, 28 February, is now very close:

UFAW Vacation Scholarship 2006
4 – 8 weeks over the Summer Vacation, worth up to £1360 and with a clear relevance to improving the welfare of farm, laboratory, companion, wild or zoo animals. Details and application form from UFAW, tel 01582 831818, or see www.ufaw.org.uk.

The HSA Dorothy Sidley Memorial Award 2006
Up to £2000 is available to fund a project of your choice to improve the welfare of food animals in markets, during transport or at slaughter, anywhere in the world.
Details and Application Form from: The Secretary, HSA, tel: 01582 831919, email info@hsa.org.uk or see www.hsa.org.uk.

Poultry Science Books from CABI Publishing
Enclosed is a flier that will be of interest to WPSA members. CABI Publishing is the current chosen publisher for the papers of the WPSA UK Branch Poultry Science Symposia series. They are now offering WPSA members a 20% discount off selected titles bought before 30th April 2006. www.cabi-publishing.org

Poultry Meat and Egg Quality Symposia 2005
The printed papers and CD-Rom of these Symposia are now available from WPSA, PO Box 31, 7360AA Beekbergen, The Netherlands. wpsa@xs4all.nl.

Poultry Lighting - the theory and practice
This first ever book to be dedicated to the lighting of poultry is now available. The culmination of more than 70 years of research by Peter Lewis and Trevor Morris, it is a “must” for every bookshelf.
A flyer is enclosed with this Newsletter – if you have not got yours, then email: peter.lewis@dsl.pipex.com

XII European Poultry Conference, Verona, Italy.
10-14 September 2006.

The next European Poultry Conference will be held in the historic and delightful city of Verona. The venue will be the VeronaFiere Congress Centre which is 3km from the centre of the city, only a few minutes from the Vernona Porta Nuova railway station, 10 minutes taxi ride from Catullo Airport, and close to Verona Sud exit on the A4 motorway  from Milan to Venice.

By visiting the website www.epc2006.wpsa.it you can obtain all the information about the event, the scientific programme, the social programme and the pre- and post-conference tours.

Please remember this important event in the WPSA calendar. The date for the submission of abstracts has now passed but early registration for the Conference begins on 31 May.

Full information is available on the website www.epc2006.wpsa.it

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