Autumn 2009 - Membership

1st October


There have been a few new recruits to our Branch since the last Newsletter and we give them a warm welcome to WPSA-UK. Unfortunately, there is still a net decline in membership, so may I please ask you to be continually on the lookout for potential new members for our Branch. We need to maintain membership numbers in order to retain strength and credibility internationally.

Full details about the Branch and its activities with a downloadable application form are available on our website.

2009 Summer Vacation Scholarship Award

This year our Summer Vacation Scholarship Award was given to Natalie Morgan of University of Nottingham for a study entitled “Investigation into the nutritional value of an optimized form of wheat-based biorefinery co-product”. We look forward to learning the outcome of this study and a presentation of the results at our Spring Meeting.

2010 Turkey Science and Production Conference

This is the 4th of these conferences, which was formerly the 'technical turkeys' conference. It will be held on 11th and 12th March 2010 again at Shrigley Hall, Macclesfield, UK. Plans for speakers are well under way with speakers on new diseases in turkeys turkey management, genetics, meat quality and nutrition already agreed and other relevant topics being pursued. Details will shortly be available at or contact for further information.

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