Autumn 2007 - WPSA UK Branch Annual Meeting

1st October

WPSA UK Branch Annual Meeting
Tuesday 1st – Wednesday 2nd April 2008

The Annual Meeting and AGM are important events in the life of the Branch. Past experience suggests that, providing a superb mixture of scientific, social and business activities, next spring’s events should not be missed. You will see on page 1 of this Newsletter that a change of venue is to be made for the 2008 Meeting which returns, after an eight year gap, to Scarborough, where we will meet, as usual, alongside BSAS.

Following a similar pattern to last year, the meeting will commence at coffee time on Tuesday 1 April, following the BSAS Hammond Lecture. The original communications will this year be divided between three WPSA sessions, the first being the opening session of the Meeting and followed immediately by a Poster Session. After lunch we will have a joint WPSA/BSAS Session on Biofuels and their impact on animal production. This will be presented by three invited speakers on global issues, pig and poultry production. The afternoon will conclude with a further short session of original communications before the Gordon Memorial Lecture at 5pm which will this year, be given by Dr Mingan Choct, the Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Poultry CRC whose topic will be Managing Gut Health through Nutrition. This will be followed by the Gordon Memorial Reception and The Branch Annual Dinner.
On Wednesday morning we start with the Branch Annual Meeting at 8.30am followed by a new session designed to allow industry speakers to tell researchers and academics what they feel the industry needs of them. The Meeting then winds up with a final session of original communications. Full details of all of this will be included in the Programme and Application Form, which will be sent to all members early next year.

Papers and Posters

Members are now invited to submit papers and/or posters for consideration by the Programme Committee.  These may be on any topic relating to poultry science.

NB. The deadline for submission of papers and posters is Friday 23 November 2007.
WPSA UK Branch Annual General Meeting

The Branch AGM will be held at 8.30am on Wednesday 2 April 2008 (full details to be sent to all members with their Spring 2008 Newsletter).
We would encourage all members to come along and contribute to the way in which the Branch is run. This year will see elections for a new Branch Secretary and no less than five Members of Council. John Parsons has now served for the maximum two consecutive four-year terms as Branch Secretary and is therefore ineligible for re-election. Dr Carolyn Preston, Prof Peter Surai and Dr Wendy Wakeman have each served for four years and offer themselves for re-election for a further four years.  Mr Marcus Kenny and Prof Christopher Wathes have also served for the maximum eight years and, being ineligible for re-election, will need to be replaced by new Councillors. Details of the existing Council and the procedure for elections is set out on page 4 of this Newsletter.

    NB. The deadline for receipt by the Secretary of nominations for Secretray and five Council Members is Wednesday 6 February 2008.


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