Autumn 2007 - Secretary's File

1st October

Secretary’s File

Dr Graham Perry
As we go to press we have just heard of the death of Dr Graham Perry after a short but courageous battle with cancer. Graham worked for many years at the University of Bristol at Langford, was a valued member of WPSA UK Branch Council from 1996 – 2004, Assistant Editor of British Poultry Science, Secretary of the Robert Fraser Gordon Memorial Trustees and also Chairman of the Organising Committee of both the 27th and 28th Poultry Science Symposia. Graham was a wonderful colleague and a great friend to many of us and we extend our deepest sympathy to his wife Wendy and his family.


There is very little change in membership to report since the last Newsletter with just one new member joining the Branch and no resignations.
The following new member has recently joined the Branch and we warmly welcome her:
Dr Kelly Drake – University of Oxford:

Once again may I ask members to continue to look out for potential new recruits for WPSA UK Branch membership. The few recent enquiries have resulted in nothing tangible. We need to maintain the strength and credibility of the Branch in order to be seen as suitably professional hosts for future major WPSA international events and as spokespersons for UK poultry science. Full details about the Branch and its activities with downloadable application forms and banker’s order forms are all available in our Membership section.

Wanted –
Poultry Science 1980

An Australian contact is trying to find a copy of  (US) Poultry Science November 1980 which contains a paper “Genetics of the buttercup plumage pattern”. He is writing a paper and has the abstract but would like a copy of the original paper. If anyone can help, please contact Frank Pytellek, email address:

Closure of Gleadthorpe

ADAS has announced that it is to withdraw from poultry research at its Gleadthorpe site in Nottinghamshire. This is said to be an economic decision based on a decline in the demand for poultry research and the increasing age of the poultry facilities on the site, many buildings dating back to 1970. However, ADAS restates its commitment to the poultry industry where its consultancy business is growing and profitable and collaborative work is increasing. There is also a hint that there may be a place for limited poultry research on another ADAS site.

UK Branch Summer Vacation Scholarships 2008

Please see the enclosed notice about these awards, which are worth up to £1000 per student. In order to promote them, we are also sending a poster to those whom we believe are in a position to make students more aware of this opportunity. Therefore, if there is a poster included with your Newsletter, please display it on a prominent and appropriate Notice Board and draw the attention of any eligible students to it.

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