Autumn 2007 - preparation of abstracts

1st October

Annual Meeting : 1 – 2 April 2008

Directions for preparation of abstracts

Size:  The abstract should have a maximum size of two pages of A4. Set the top and bottom margins to 2.4cm and the left and right margins to 3.0cm. Use fully justified text.

Font:  For text use Times New Roman 12 point and for tables use 10 point.

Line spacing: Use a line space of 1.2 (approximately 1.75 lines per cm).

Pagination: DO NOT include page numbers.

Quality of manuscript: This must be intense black from laser or ink-jet printers.

Structure of paper

Title:  Give a short title of less than 200 characters. Print should be in bold type in lower case except for the first word and proper nouns. Centre on the page but do not underline.

Authors:  Give the first name(s) initials followed by the surname in CAPITALS. Different addresses of authors should be given by superscript numbers. Addresses should be typed in lower case italics.

Text:  Do not use subheadings such as Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion, References and Acknowledgements, although the general organisation of the text should follow this structure. Leave a one-line gap between paragraphs but do not indent the first sentence. Use only SI units and use abbreviations and nomenclature as described in the Instructions to Contributors in British Poultry Science (

References:  Follow the format and rules as stated in the Instructions to Contributors in British Poultry Science.

Tables:  These must be placed at the end of the document but within the two-page limit.  Do not use shading. Horizontal lines can be used to separate column headings (titles and units) from the values. Do not use any vertical lines. Tables need to be given brief titles (in italics – 10 point). They must include units for all variables. Give estimates of unaccountable variation (for example, pooled standard errors of means) in separate rows or columns.

Figures:  These must be placed at the end of the document but within the two-page limit. The editors will determine their final position. Size and quality must be suitable for photo-reduction. They must be contained within the general margins of the text. Do not place within boxes. Figures also need to be given brief titles.

Statistics:  Only a brief description of the statistical methods is needed but the amount of replication for each treatment should be stated. Parameters, such as means, differences between means, slopes, etc. should be accompanied by estimates of variation. Statements of treatment differences should include an indication of statistical significance (for example (P<0.05)).

NB. The deadline for submission of papers is Friday 23 November 2007.

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