Autumn 2007 - Nominations for Council

1st October

Nominations for Council

Nominations are required for the election of a Branch Secretary and also for the election/re-election of the unusually large number of five members of Council (see page 3) which will take place at the Annual General Meeting on 2 April 2008. Nomination Forms are available from the Secretary and nominations should be sent on these or in the format required to the Secretary by 6 February 2008. Please submit the names and signatures of the nominee, with a proposer and seconder, who should all be paid up members of the Branch. In the event of the Secretary receiving more  nominations  than  vacancies  there will be a postal ballot. The Constitution states that ballot papers must then be sent to all paid-up members, including a short biography (less than 200 words) of each nominee, by 5 March 2008.  Ballot papers must be delivered to the Secretary not less than 10 days prior to the Annual General Meeting. The result of any postal ballot will be determined by the method of the Single Transferable Vote (as published by the Electoral Reform Society, 1976). The result of the election will be announced at the AGM to be held on Wednesday 2 April 2008 at 8.30 am. The current membership of the Council and existing Committees is presented below:

The names and signatures of the nominee, proposer and seconder should be sent to the Secretary by 6 February 2008.




Dr T Acamovic (2010*)

Vice President

Mr P W Garland (2010)

Treasurer/Asst Secretary

Dr K J McCracken (2011*)

Secretary/Asst Treasurer & Membership  Secretary

Mr J A Parsons (2008*)


Elected Councillors

Mr J A Ball (2009*)    

Mr M Kenny (2008*)

Prof P Surai (2008)

Dr J S Bentley (2010*)
Dr L J Gatcliffe (2011)
Dr C E Gilbert (2011)

Mr S A Lister (2009)
Dr C Preston (2008)
Dr V Sandilands (2009)

Dr W G Wakeman (2008)
Prof C M Wathes (2008*)

* Ineligible for re-election
Also Council Member

Prof C C Whitehead (2008). WPSA Vice President (Co-opted to Council)

ProgrammeCommittee: Mr P W Garland (Chair), Dr T Acamovic, Dr A Cowieson, Dr I C Dunn, Dr K J McCracken, Dr N Sparks.

Representative on Egg and Poultry Industry Conference Committee: Mr S A Lister

Representative on Robert Fraser Gordon Memorial Trust: Dr P M Hocking (2011)

Webmaster: Liz Archibald

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