Autumn 2007 - Details for submitting a paper or poster

1st October

Annual Meeting : 1 – 2 April 2008

Details for submitting a paper or poster

Summaries of papers for the WPSA UK Branch Annual Meeting 2008 will, once again this year, be required to be submitted to the Programme Committee electronically in WORD format as an email attachment. Please DO NOT use the abstract template previously carried on the WPSA UK Branch website. Please see updated information here.

Receipt will be acknowledged at that time and comments from the Programme Committee will be received by Christmas. Authors of accepted papers are then asked to deal with any requested amendments speedily to facilitate printing and will be informed of their deadline at that time.

The Programme Committee would encourage submission of papers on any  topic relevant to poultry science as original communications.

There will once again be some emphasis on poster presentations. A formal session will be organised to examine posters and to discuss their results.

Very brief summaries are not acceptable - they should be sufficiently informative so that a reader can understand why the topic is important, how the experiment was done, what results were obtained and what conclusions can be drawn from the findings.

To be considered for inclusion in the conference programme and in the proceedings of the meeting, the contribution,   including   any   Figures   or Tables, must print out on no more than two
sheets of A4 paper.  A detailed description of the required format is presented on the following page and is illustrated on the website by a typical summary.

Please note the change from earlier years in that all tables and figures are to be put at the end of the text.

Please send your abstract in WORD format as detailed above to Dr Aaron Cowieson at Danisco Animal Nutrition.
His email address is:

Please state your preferred method of presentation i.e. oral paper or poster.  It is unlikely that there will be time for all those wishing to present oral papers to do so, so further selection will be done by the Programme Committee.

NB. The deadline for submission of papers is Friday 23 November 2007.

Ten Tips for Success

    Introduce the problem
    State objective clearly
    Present the experimental design
    Give replication (numbers, individuals or pens?)
    Describe the statistical analysis
    Ensure correct analysis (eg split-plot?)
    Keep it simple
    Provide measures of variation (e.g. standard errors)
    State conclusion(s) clearly
    Proof read the summaries (again).

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