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1983                   Professor P L Long                              United States of America

1984                   Dr F T W Jordan                                 United Kingdom

1985                   Dr M E Coates                                   United Kingdom

1986                   Professor E H Kampelmacher            Netherlands

1987                   Dr W Hartmann                                 West Germany

1988                   Professor P B Siegel                           United States of America

1989                   Professor P M Biggs                           United Kingdom

1990                   Dr A H J Visschedijk                          Netherlands

1991                   Professor B W Calnek                       United States of America

1992                   Mr J Ewart                                        United Kingdom

1993                   Dr L N Payne                                    United Kingdom

1994                   Professor H Siegel                             United States of America

1995                   Professor T Morris                              United Kingdom

1996                   Professor M Stewart McNulty            United Kingdom

1997                   Professor R Etches                            Canada

1998                   Professor S E Solomon                      United Kingdom

1999                   Dr C C Whitehead                           United Kingdom

2000                   Dr D J Alexander                              United Kingdom

2001                   Professor IJH Duncan                        Canada

2002                   Dr F Davison                                     United Kingdom

2003                   Professor G Bulfield                           United Kingdom

2004                   Professor J Bradbury                         United Kingdom

2005                   No lecture

2006                   Professor T Humphrey                        United Kingdom

2007                   Professor K C Klasing                         United States of America

2008                   Professor Mingan Choct                    Australia

2009                   Professor R.C. Jones                          United Kingdom

2010                   Professor E. Decuypere                      Belgium

2011                   Professor M.S. Dawkins                      United Kingdom

2012                   Dr Ilaria Capua                                 Italy

2013                   Dr Paul Hocking                                United Kingdom

2014                    Professor Pete Kaiser                       United Kingdom

2014                   Photographs | Video1 | Video 2 | Video 3

2015                    Professor Rob Gous                       South Africa

                          Bio || Album ||  Introduction video   ||Medal presentation video


Click here to visit Gordon Memorial Trust page

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