Chronicle of past WPSA UK Meetings

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2013 WPSA UK Spring Meeting - Chronicles


Report of 2013 WPSA UK Spring Meeting. Click here to read

2013 WPSA UK Spring Meeting

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2014 WPSA UK Spring Meeting - Chronicles


Updates from 2014 Spring Meeting


                   Video 1

                   Video 2


31st Poultry Science Symposium (2014)

Chester, UK


No online information about 2014 Poultry Science Symposium available.


2015 WPSA UK Spring Meeting - Chronicles



Memories from 2015

Spring Meeting

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Video 1 - Pres. Prizes

Video 2 - GML Introduction

Video 3 - GML Medal presentation

Meeting Pictures

President Prizes

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Gordon ML Pictures

2016 WPSA UK Spring Meeting

Memories from 2016 Spring Meeting

Video 1 - Chester, where it all happened

Video 2 - the poster hall at the conference

Video 3 - Gordon memorial lecture - introduction

Videon 4 - Gordon memorial lecture - medal presentation

Album 1 - At the conference

Album 2 - awards winners

Album 3 - Gordon memorial lecture

See you in 2017



2017 WPSA UK Spring Meeting



Memories from 2017 Spring Meeting - see additional photos here


Click here to see more photographs


Videos from

2017 spring




See you in Dublin in 2018

32nd Poultry Science Symposium (2017)

Cambridge, UK


Click here to see some photographs from the symposium

Click here to be taken to the symposium original website. Please note that the information in the website is for archiving purpose

Plans are now undersway for 33rd Poultry Science Symposium possibly in 2020. Keep checking back for information.

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