The WPSA UK branch holds an annual Spring meeting. The two day event is a scientific meeting where current research into poultry is presented by both established and younger members of the academic community. Next meeting will be held in Edinburgh Intrenational Conference Centre, Edinburgh, in April 10 to 11, 2019.  

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You can read, watch videos or see photographs of some of our past meetings here.


The WPSA UK branch organises a poultry symposium normally held in alternate years, which aims to attract members of industry, research and education. Each symposium is residential over three days and is concerned with particular topics ranging from basic science and practical applications. The symposium series has covered a wide variety of topics since its inception. Recent symposia were:

  • 29th Symposium (2007) - Biology of Breeding Poultry
  • 30th Symposium (2011) - Alternative Systems for poultry - Health, Welfare and Productivity
  • 31st Symposium (2014) - Sustainable Poultry Production in Europe.
  • 32nd Symposium (2017) - Poultry feathers and skin - the past, present and future of poultry integument



The World Poultry Congresses are held every fourth year and are major events of international poultry science. Usually combined with a trade exhibition, each congress is largely concerned with reviews of scientific information and the discussion of ideas. Social events and personal contacts have made recent congresses truly memorable occasions.

Recent venues have been:

  • 2004 - Istanbul, Turkey
  • 2008 – Brisbane, Australia
  • 2012 – Salvador, Brazil
  • 2016 - Beijing, China

The 26th WPC will be held in Paris, France.

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