The European Federation of Branches of the WPSA

To ensure closer liaison of activities, branches in Europe have formed a federation.   Two particular activities are organised by this federation - European Poultry Conferences and Working Groups.

Twelve Working Groups, drawing specialists from all European Branches, now consider, report on and make recommendations on specific areas of poultry science:

WG No.                                                            Title
1                                                              Economics and Marketing
2                                                              Nutrition
3                                                              Breeding and Genetics
4                                                              Egg Quality
5                                                              Poultry Meat Quality
6                                                              Reproduction
8                                                              Waterfowl
9                                                              Bird Welfare
10                                                            Turkeys
11                                                            Education
12                                                            Physiology
13                                                            Ratites

Working Groups have been increasingly active in promoting Symposia on their subjects, held recently in various European countries.

Click on WG Reports link to the right to read the current working groups report.

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