WPSA (UK) Branch Administration

The Council of the WPSA UK Branch is the management team that oversees all branch activities and the financial wellbeing of the association.

Members are elected at the annual general meeting (AGM) following nomination and stand for a term of 4 years after which they may be re-elected for a further term. Following the second term they are not eligible for re-election.

There are two council meetings each year, one immediately prior to the Spring Meeting and one in the autumn. In addition office holders run the AGM held during the Spring Meeting.

Sub groups are overseen by Councillors such as the Programme Committee for the Spring Meeting and the Organising Committee for the Poultry Science Symposium.

In addition to elected Council Members the Council may co-opt branch members to Council to fulfil specific roles.

The constitution of WPSA UK can be downloaded here.

UK Branch Administration 2019/2020


Dr E Burton

Vice President
Dr H Masey O'Neill

Treasurer/Membership Secretary
Dr. F. Khattak (2022)

Ms J Linden (2022)

Elected Councillors

Mr S Wilson (2023)*

Dr D Scholey (2023)*

Prof M Bain (2020)

Dr C Donaldson (2020)

Dr J Martin (2020)

Dr O Olukosi (2020)*

Dr A Adebiyi (2021)

Dr I Whiting (2022)

Dr A Leek (2022)

Dr D McKeegan (2022)

Dr L Beeson (2023)

* = second term - ineligible for re-election


Co-opted Council Member:

Programme Committee Spring Meeting:

Dr D Scholey Chair

Dr M E Ball               

Dr I Dunn                 

Dr N Whenham

Mr P Garland                       

Dr V Pirgozliev        

Dr S Pace

Dr V Sandilands     

Dr N Sparks

Mr S Wilson             

Dr J Martin


Organising Committee 33rd Poultry Science Symposium

Dr H Masey O’Neill, Chair

Representative on Egg and Poultry Industry Conference Committee:
Mr S A Lister

R F Gordon Memorial Trust:
Dr E J Burton

                                                                                                              (Webmaster: Dr O Olukosi)

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