Previous Awardees

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Racheal Plimmer



Investigation into iron fortification of chicken meat using a novel delivery method

Tian Chee Lu



Understanding factors influencing the antimicrobial activity of gallin; an antimicrobial peptide member of the avian ovodefensin family


Natalie Morgan




Colin Sanni



Methodology for determining the ash content of poultry bones

 Aurore Tosti

The effect of animal protein and fibre on egg
quality and nesting behaviour in non-beak trimmed hens house in furnished cages

 Mary Baxter

Investigation into the effectiveness of enrichment
items provided to laying hens and pullets

 Emily O'Reilly

Immune parameters and blood biochemistry of two distinct genetic lines of broilers before and after the introduction of contaminated litter

 Martyn Syvret


The effects of three types of dietary supplement on digestive enzyme activity in broilers

 Elean Stevenson

Interaction of biotin and riboflavin in starter diets for turkey poults

Harriet Lea

Gut health of poultry in the post-antibiotic era: Elucidating the mechanisms underlying successful feed supplements

Layne Frith

The effects of dietary supplementation of mannanoligosaccarides on the intestinal
morphology of broilers

Demetra Lund

Assessing the repeatability of a measurement of
vitelline membrane strength (VMS) in a white egg laying pedigree population

 Hayley Dilley

Comparison of digesta collection methods for amino acid digestibility measurements in broilers

Matt Turner

Investigating the suitability of four motivational trade-off paradigms to assess the subjective experience of
moderate lameness in broiler chickens

Qing Liu

Using CPA Technique for Measuring Feeding Motivation of Broiler Breeder in Commercial Rearing

Jessica Hopkins

Novel analysis of electroencephalography (EEG) data of on farm killed poultry

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